Our commitment to environmental and social impact

For several years now, Mora & Associati – cultivating values in which the Firm has believed since its foundation and which, over time, have taken on new dimensions and priorities – has adopted a new working method; in addition to our primary dedication to our clients, we have decided, in fact, to take into account in our internal decision-making and strategic processes, as well as in our relations with our stakeholders, the social and environmental impact generated by our work and by the initiatives we decide to undertake.

The Firm, in compliance with the provisions of the forensic code of ethics and professional law no. 247/2012, has redefined its commitment to its clients, stakeholders and the community in which it operates. In particular, the Firm promotes pro bono legal assistance services in favour of individuals who would not normally have the possibility of accessing quality legal assistance services and grants, within the limits of the law, subsidised rates to individuals belonging to disadvantaged groups, also identified considering the indications provided by the European Union.

M&A has, for some years now, been implementing concrete solutions to reduce its environmental impact, taking care to periodically monitor its effects.

Our values and acquired skills are also applied in the field of legal advisory services; we advise and assist clients who wish to embark on a path of greater awareness towards the environment and the community in which they operate.

To give substance to this shared commitment, the firm has worked hard to set and achieve targets for constant improvement.

Report degli obiettivi sociali ed ambientali 2022