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How we can assist you

Mora & Associati has particular experience in assisting associations, foundations, non-profit entities and Onlus organisations and provides assistance and advice on the establishment of foundations, participation foundations, associations, and other non-profit organisations, the procedure for their recognition, the acquisition of ETS status, and all legal and tax issues relating to the performance of their activities.

Particular attention is paid to the delicate balances relating to the governance and asset structure of the new non-profit organisation, which must be carefully planned taking into account the client’s needs and the type of activity to be carried out.

Mora & Associati is able to provide assistance to foundations, galleries, auction houses, associations, cultural bodies and institutions, artists, collectors, entrepreneurs and publishers in the cultural sector and enthusiasts in the legal, national and international fields.

The main areas of activity consist of assistance in matters of art bonuses and cultural sponsorships; the purchase and sale of works in Italy and abroad; the establishment of foundations and trusts and separate estates in relation to works of art; legal protection against counterfeiting and to guarantee the authenticity of works of art; and contracts for exhibitions and displays

Prof. Avv. Andrea Mora

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Prof. Avv. Simone Vernizzi

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