Commercial Contracts and International Commerce

How we cal help you

We assist clients in reviewing, drafting and negotiating domestic and international commercial contracts in various industries, such as those concerning the sale and purchase of goods (including the drafting of relevant general terms and conditions), supplysub-supply and distribution of productsdomestic works contractsagencylicenceleasefranchising and transport of goods.

In order to meet your needs we maintain a close relationship with the in-house counsel and the personnel who internally handle contractual matters, such as purchasing departments, sales departments, project managers, etc.

Our Firm has also a significant expertise in trade finance and assists companies in connection with any kind of national and international transactions, risk assessment, claim management and implementation of said transactions. This includes the analysis and mitigation of any business risk (including legal and contractual risks). 

We have an extensive expertise in banking and finance contracts for national companies.

 We have gained over the years a significant experience in all the needs of international commerce.

In particular we are able to provide:

  • legal assistance to Italian companies in their commercial relationships with foreign partners (including the setting up of companies, branches and subsidiaries abroad, the drafting, negotiation and implementation of cooperation agreements, of joint ventures agreements, of shareholders agreements and the like) in the context of our Corporate Law and International Commercial Law practices;

  • legal assistance in relation to international contracts such as sale and purchase contracts, supply contracts, agency contracts, licence and distributorship agreements, transfer of technology agreements in the context of our International Commercial Law  practices;

  • legal assistance in connection with debt collection abroad for Italian clients and in Italy for foreign clients. We have deep experience in national and international arbitration for proceedings conducted both in Italy and abroad (click here to see more details on our Commercial Litigation and Arbitration practice).

Here is a list of our most recent works

  • Assisted and Italian company in drafting their general terms & conditions for the sale of goods in the oil & gas industry;
  • Assisted a Ducth company in drafting distribution agreements for the distribution in Italy and EMEA of goods relating to the gas industry;
  • Assisted an Italian company in the drafting of sale agreements for manufactured goods to be sold in Europe;
  • Assisting an Italian manufacturer in the drafting and negotiation of contracts for the sale and shipping of goods to United States.
  • Assisting an Italian PV modules manufacture in a international supply agreement.
  • Assisting a Philippine distributor against an Italian manufacturer.
  • Advised an Italian Group in the sale and purchase of raw materials worldwide.
  • Advised an Italian company in setting up joint ventures in Far East with local companies.
  • Advising a multinational group active in the distribution of its products in the world for all the aspects concerning the compliance of its distribution and agency agreements with Italian law.
  • Advising a foreign company on major regulatory, licensing and contractual issues concerning electric power production and trading.
  • Assisted an Italian company in the drafting and negotiation of sale of industrial plants in Italy;
  • Assisted an Italian EPC Contractor in the drafting and negotiation of sale agreement with their strategic suppliers;
  • Assisted an Italian power producing company in draffing and negotiating contracts for the sale of energy to an Italian trader;
  • Assisted an Indian company in all the ancillary agreements relating to the sale and purchase of shares of an Italian company (including non-disclosure agreements, exclusivity agreements and non-competition agreements).

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